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Here you will find pictures of some of the beautiful animals we breed together with their accommodation. Simply select the gallery and click on the thumbnails to see a full-size picture.

There are now 3 galleries available

Each is displayed with a sample picture below. Simply click on the picture or gallery title to access it.

Tunisian Eyed Lizard (<i>Timon pater</i>)<br /> This is a mature male but only 18 months old. Plenty of growth left in him yet! Album title: Lizards

Photographs of some of the lizards we keep and some of those we are selling

Corn Snakes - Amel het motley  (<i>Elaphe(Pantherophis)guttata</i>) Album title: Snakes

Although we breed lizards almost exclusively a number of snakes will also become available. Here we picture some of the species/morphs we keep and breed

One of the Worthing vivaria which houses a number of Lacertid species Album title: Vivaria

Some shots showing the various vivaria in which some of the animals offered for sale on this site live.