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Terms and Conditions
This is not an extensive legal document couched in terms to ensure that you can't understand it.

It is, simply, an attempt to be fair to both you and us.

Our promise to you - and the animals:
  • We guarantee that all animals supplied are established and grown on and in perfect health.
  • Properly housed, fed, cared for and protected from potential pathogens from other species they should live a very long life.
  • You will always be welcome to see the animals you wish to purchase here by appointment.
  • Animals delivered to you will always be carried in appropriate conditions/packaging.
  • Animals found not be as described above will be replaced if reported to us within 24 hours of despatch.
  • Where delivery is requested we will advise you of (and agree with you) the delivery date.
  • We will not despatch animals in extreme weather conditions.
  • We will reserve animals to your order for up to 1 week on receipt of an ADDITONAL non-refundable reservation payment of £10.00*
  • This period may exceptionally be extended at an appropriate rate.

*We regret this change which has been forced on us by irresponsible and dishonest people.

Your duties to us - and the animals

By purchasing an animal from us you agree that:-
  • If full payment and arrangements for collection or delivery are not in place at the end of the 2 week reservation period or such other period as agreed the animal will be again offered for sale.
  • we cannot be held responsible for the loss or illness of the animal if it should occur more than 24 hours after it has been despatched to you, or if you do not contact us and advise us in that same time.
  • we cannot be held responsible for injury or illness brought about by housing the animal with another species, incompatible members of the same species or with any species which has been wild-caught or which is unhealthy.
  • we cannot be held responsible for a choice of inappropriate animal.
  • We are happy to do all we can to advise you regarding the care and maintenance of it but the choice of an appropriate species or individual and its proper care and maintenance is entirely your responsibility.
  • we cannot be held responsible for the loss of an animal despatched to you by courier
  • we cannot be held responsible if an animal cannot be delivered due to no-one being present to sign for it on the agreed date, nor for the loss of an animal as a result. A further attempt at delivery will attract a further delivery charge.
  • you will meet the costs of returning any animal to us.
  • Payment for the animal(s) and, if appropriate delivery costs, will be made at the time of ordering
  • Payment can be made by cheque if presented in person and with a cheque guarantee card and, of course, cash. In addition we can accept payment by PayPal but this will attract a small surcharge to offset the charges we have to pay in this case.

We love these animals and will move heaven and earth to ensure they arrive with you in perfect condition. We expect you to take the same trouble. ALWAYS ensure someone will be present on the agreed delivery day to accept and sign for them. ALWAYS ensure that you have suitable accommodation ready for the animals BEFORE delivery. Always ensure that you KNOW how to care for the animals properly.

You can find information on the care and maintenance of these animals in many places on the web and particularly at

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