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We can usually have animals delivered to the Hamm and Houten shows.

IMPORTANT NEWS. In the latter half of May, intruders stole 3 gravid female Western Green Lizards from one of my large outdoor vivaria and killed a fourth in a botched attempt at hand catching. As a result, it will be at least 2, possible 3 years before I can again offer these animals for sale.
Please watch out for someone suddenly gaining such animals.
In addition proposed amendments to Schedule 9 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act, if they go through, will prevent me from being able to offer several species I breed, including Wall Lizards (Podarcis muralis), European Pond Tortoises (Emys orbicularis), European Treefrog (Hyla arborea) and Midwife Toad (Alytes obstetricans). You can see the Consultation Document at and register your opinion.

Please remember that we do not keep animals exclusively to breed them. We keep them because we like them. Because we keep them properly, the do breed reasonably often. BUT we cannot guarantee that any particular species will breed in any particular year. Nor do we keep animals in such quantity as to breed large numbers. When animals do breed, on occasion there are surplus young which we advertise here. As a result, in some years there may be very few, even NO animals available. Obviously, under the circumstances we will NOT take orders in advance of animals breeding.

Enquiries from reptile traders are also welcomed.

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  Species Comments Picture Price
Lizards - Lacertids Gran Canaria Giant Lizard (Gallotia stehlini) These lizards can easily outmass an Eyed Lizard. Males in particular can become very tame and make excellent pets. Adults are truly omnivorous and will eat anything. Very flighty as young but can grow very tame as adults. One or two well grown juveniles remaining image link £40.00
See above for animals currently available. Watch here for details of animals expected .
(Prices, if given, are a guide only and might change when the animals are available)
  Species Comments Picture Price
Other animals which become available. Generally not until late in the year.
(Prices, if given, are a guide only and might change when the animals are available)
  Species Comments Picture Price
Lizards - Lacertids Italian Wall lizard (Podarcis siculus campestris) One of the most beautiful and popular (albeit rarely available) Wall Lizards. Hardy in southern UK. Do not mix with other species. European Protected species with Certs of Origin. 2015 youngsters should be available mid to late September image link £80.00
Lizards - Lacertids Western Green Lizard (Lacerta bilineata) While we have had a successful 2014 with these, there are unlikely to be any surplus animals until they are well grown and have come through hibernation (LATE Spring 2015)and even then, no guarantees - these animals live under natural conditions so winter is a chance period No £40.00
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